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Bio: My name is Rob... My friends call me 'bang'... I'm a student, a poet, an artist, a writer, a lover, a teacher, a dreamer, musician, brother, uncle, son... and a recovering parent... This also means that I'm a coach, hall-monitor, baby sitter, doctor, lawyer, nurse, judge, first-responder, organ-donor and impromptu motivational speaker... My psychic tells me I'm immortal and my therapist is back in treatment again... In my spare time I'm a crisis counselor, lifeguard, philosopher, chef, transportation specialist, good-will ambassador and aspiring world-class photographer... As a rule I generally like people, so I guess you could say I'm an extrovert... I honestly believe that if I do the right thing today, tomorrow will take care of itself... I'm almost always happy.. I try to live in today... I'm addicted to laughter... I've learned that no matter what happens to me in my life I am exactly where I am supposed to be... I believe in miracles... I try to practice empathy... I believe in passion and compassion... I love going to the beach... I'm never random... I won't do drama and I don't do conflict... There is enough drama and conflict in the world as it is... There are many wonderful people in my life that I truly care about... You always know who your 'real' friends are... So, that's who I am... Feel free to take whatever you need and leave the rest... If you'd like to talk to me just ask for my number... If you have extra money and you want to donate to the 'Let's Send Bang to Europe Fund' just call or message me from any Western Union... If you would like an appointment just leave me a message - I'll get back to you.... Or you could just send me an email... [postscript to all my suicidal friends] DON'T JUMP UNTIL YOU READ MY BOOK! (it should be finished soon)

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